Medicaid – Crisis Planning

If your loved one is facing expensive long-term care, we can help preserve the maximum amount of assets for the person facing the expensive costs of healthcare, including nursing homes. When a family is facing a healthcare crisis, our knowledge and expertise will provide you with a solid guide for preserving assets while still qualifying for Medicaid. We have helped many clients preserve their assets, even when they have “heard” they can only have $2,000.00 to their name before qualifying for Medicaid. We use a number of different techniques, depending on the situation, including special needs trusts, caregiver agreements, transforming “non-exempt” assets into “exempt” assets, transforming excess assets into income, and transferring assets, such as a house, to a spouse or a child without a penalty. Contact us for a free consultation about how we can help you preserve assets AND cover the costs of long-term care.