Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alex Kincaid Law’s mission?

Alex Kincaid is a successful trial attorney and still assists clients through litigation when necessary, but her overriding goal for her clients is that they will plan ahead to avoid having to resort to the court system. Court is an arena for people who have found themselves in a crisis situation, often due to poor planning. Alex Kincaid Law strives to educate our clients about all of the opportunities they have to prepare solid, bullet-proof plans and to prepare themselves and their businesses to avoid ever getting to the point where they have to resolve a dispute in court. We incorporate this philosophy in our practice in several different ways.

It is true that one of our primary services is to protect Americans who choose to defend themselves with a firearm or who have a firearms related business. But defending yourself can take many forms.

For example, we help our clients create business structures that will protect them from creditors and predators. Having the proper business structure in place is a first line of defense for business owners – firearms related or not. Similarly, a well-drafted estate plan (usually a trust or combination of trusts) can prevent creditors and predators from victimizing our clients as they age, become incapacitated and protects their loved ones after they’re gone. Our office has developed unique planning techniques to meet the needs of our clients…, vets, gun owners, etc. We defend your right to defend yourself against those people in this world who would do you harm.

Does Alex Kincaid Law offer services other than gun law?

Our clientele consists of many individual gun owners and gun-related businesses, but Alex Kincaid is an experienced trial attorney, estate, and business protection planner, who assists clients in building solid asset protection plans whether or not they are primarily concerned with firearms related issues. Alex Kincaid defends her clients who have used deadly force to defend themselves or their loved ones, and her firm has also developed unique planning techniques to address the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, farmers and ranchers, veterans, Christians, young families, special needs children, seniors, and families. The firm also employs attorneys with specialities in securities law, complex business transactions, real estate matters, family matters, and creditor / consumer protection issues.

Where can Alex Kincaid’s clients be located, and can I work with Alex Kincaid long-distance?

Our attorneys are licensed in Idaho and Oregon, but Alex Kincaid Law clients are nationwide. We work long-distance with clients who have matters in the states in which we are licensed, which may be a business matter, an estate proceeding, or simply working with clients who have part-time residency status in our states. We have also defended clients who have used deadly force while in Idaho or Oregon. We use technology to successfully work with men and women serving in the military (thank you!) who are currently living overseas.