Orlando Terrorist Passed a Background Check and Killed in a Gun Free Zone

As expected, Obama made a push for more gun control during his speech following the Orlando nightclub shooting.  He failed, however, to mention that the Orlando night club hosting the massacre was a gun free zone due to Florida’s gun control laws.  All but approximately 1% of mass shootings since 1950 have been in gun free zones. http://crimeresearch.org/2016/06/mass-shooting-in-florida-occurred-in-another-gun-free-zone-as-many-as-20-people-died-in-a-shooting-at-an-orlando-nightclub/ and my blog at http://alexkincaid.com/index.php/law-blog/post/the-deadly-failure-of-gun-free-zones

Terrorists and criminals attack where there are no law-abiding American citizens with guns to fight back.  California, Paris, San Bernardino, this nightclub, were all specifically selected because there would be little resistance until the arrival of law enforcement. This terrorist passed a background check and legally possessed his firearms. The gun control completely failed to protect the victims.

There is no gun control law that can stop evil. In fact, gun control opens the door for evil.  Disarming law-abiding Americans only puts all of us, including those who choose not to carry, in greater danger.