Asset Protection

The decline of our legal system has contributed to the need for asset protection. Over 90 million lawsuits are filed each year. Plaintiffs and the lawyers filing these suits are seeking to make a buck off your hard work, and their numbers have grown to epidemic proportions. If you have accumulated a home, car, money or a business, you are at risk. 

A business failure or a lawsuit could take it all away. With 1 in 10 persons defending a lawsuit in their lifetime, it is no longer a matter of if you will be sued, but when...

The law provides you with legal ways to reduce your vulnerability to loss of your family’s lifestyle and wealth to creditors and predators while still letting you maintain control. Asset protection planning strategies, properly implemented, can serve as your wealth protection plan to preserve your personal and business assets, thereby protecting your family from financial loss. Asset Protection is for everyone concerned about the loss of their wealth and family lifestyle due to litigation or the ethically challenged. If you are a business owner or medical professional, you are more vulnerable to loss than most. Asset protection involves protecting your hard-earned wealth from loss to creditors, predators, bankruptcies, and divorce using legal strategies. Click the links below to learn more about specific areas.