Farmers and Ranchers

Our asset protection techniques can help you keep your farm or ranch in the family, and that your family legacy is not lost to creditors, predators, the “prodigal son,” or your spouse’s next spouse. We strive to give you peace of mind that the family members who are active in the operation of the farm, ranch, or vineyard will receive “managerial rights,” while at the same time equalizing the inheritance given to your other heirs.

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Alexandria Kincaid will also address special techniques which can be used to minimize estate taxes when your estate includes a farm, ranch, or vineyard, such as the special use valuation for agricultural land (which allows agricultural land to be valued as such, as opposed to being valued at fair market value, for estate tax purposes), conservation easements (which allow land to be preserved and provide an income tax deduction and estate tax reduction), estate tax installment payments, and irrevocable trusts.

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Alexandria Kincaid is the descendant of a long line of Texas ranchers and cattle drivers as well as German dairy and crop farmers. She continues to uphold the values taught by her parents and grandparents. Alex operates Kincaid Ranch, LLC with her husband and founded Hidden Hollow Horse Rescue. Our firm’s passion for the American farmer and rancher and our personal knowledge of the issues faced by those who operate farms and ranches help us help our clients protect these important family legacies. Alex Kincaid Law focuses on leaving a legacy of family values through comprehensive estate planning. Contact us for more information on how you can leave a legacy of values, in addition to the land.