Our Process

We have established a process designed to provide excellent service, promote the advantage of a holistic approach to estate planning as well as maintaining a long-term relationship with you.

  • Step 1 Discovery
  • Step 2 Design
  • Step 3 Implementation
  • Step 4 Maintenance

Making the First Appointment

The purpose of this meeting is to spend some time getting to know one another in order to determine not only your needs, but whether our firm is a good fit for you and you for us.  This conference will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.  The charge for this consultation is $175; however, if you retain our firm to create your estate plan, the consultation fee will be applied to the overall cost of your plan.

Your First Visit:  Discovery

The purpose of your first visit will be for you to become comfortable with us as your estate or business planning law firm and for us to determine your planning goals, wishes, desires, concerns, and to educate you on what you can expect during the process, and the range of fees.  During this time, we will find a comfortable environment in which to sit and discuss the short and long-term goals you have for yourself and your family and business.  This is the beginning of the planning process and the foundation from which your personal estate plan will emerge.

The Design Meeting

Alex Kincaid Law has developed an Estate Planning Workbook to assist our clients in gathering all pertinent information.  Completing the workbook will allow us to review your situation and expedite the planning process.

During this meeting, we will discuss the options you have for obtaining your goals and decide which one will be best suited for you and your family.  Following your appointment, we will begin preparation of your estate or business plan along with all relevant planning documents. What those documents are will be determined by the planning goals, wishes, desires, and concerns you expressed during our Discovery meeting.  Although there are certain basic documents everyone should have, every estate plan our firm creates is tailored to the specific needs of a particular client.  These may include wills, medical directives, guardianship paperwork, trusts, or powers of attorney.  They may also include documents for advanced planning, covering such matters as the care of those with special needs, charitable giving, business succession, as well as the transfer of tangible and intangible personal assets.

The Implementation Meeting

During this visit, we will review all relevant documents with you and commemorate the event with a signing ceremony.  Once signed, your documents will be presented to you in an attractive binder.  You will have a wonderful sense of security that you have looked after everything you have and everyone you love.

Moving Forward:  Maintenance

At Alex Kincaid Law, we do not believe that our relationship with you ends once the plan has been completed and all documents have been signed.  That is because we recognize that circumstances will undoubtedly change as you move through the different stages of life.  A single individual may have very different planning needs than the married couple just starting out.  The young couple will grow into a young family and need to rethink some of their choices.  The middle-aged couple with elderly parents will experience the loss of one of those parents.  The empty-nesters or the more senior individual may experience an unanticipated need for appropriate long-term healthcare services.

Change in your personal life, as well as the law, will at some point necessitate the revisiting of your estate plan.  It is for this reason that we have developed a legal long-term care plan called the “Asset Protection” program.  As a participant in this plan we will sit down together once a year to review your plan to ensure that it not only still reflects your personal circumstances, but also that you are maximizing every opportunity to achieve your goals and minimize risk.  This along with other special benefits will keep your estate or business plan current.

It is important to remain aware that not only do your circumstances change, but so do state and federal statutes.  In that spirit, we will consistently keep you updated on changes in regulations that may affect your personal plan and offer regular tips and thoughts on how you may be able to take advantage of some of these.

In summary, we believe that when it comes to estate planning, a short-term relationship is shortsighted. Our goal is to provide you with ongoing, life-long counsel on how you can best meet the objectives that you have set for yourself.