Second Amendment and Firearms Law

We assist gun owners, dealers, and manufacturers (FFLs) to navigate all aspects of federal, state, and local gun laws. We assist with Second Amendment lawsuits, ATF issues, possession and transfer issues, firearms in estates, and criminal defense for the use of deadly force. We also provide advice and assistance with the restoration of gun rights.

Alexandria Kincaid is a nationally renowned firearms law attorney. Her expertise of the gun laws is respected by gun owners, gun businesses, and gun rights organizations across America. Alex Kincaid represents the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and is a contributing author for Recoil, Concealment, the American Shooting Journal and She also authored the gun owner's guide to gun rights, Infringed. Click the links below to learn more about specific topics.

Firearms in Estates

Many complicated issues can come up when a gun owner dies.   Not knowing the special laws that apply firearms is not excuse. Our attorneys are skilled in firearms-related laws, and help families navigate the many rules that apply when firearms are part of an estate.

Second Amendment Litigation/Amicus Briefs

Alex Kincaid is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment and devotes many pro bono hours to drafting and supporting pro-gun legislation.  Her bills have been backed by the NRA, and she is a frequently requested pro-Second Amendment speaker and educator.   The following pages provide more detailed information on specific pro-Second Amendment services provided by Alex Kincaid.

Specific services include: