Restoration of Gun Rights

If you have been denied your right to possess a firearm, we can help. We pick up where your defense attorney left off! We specialize in clearing up your record, and we understand the options to make sure the right documents are submitted to the right governmental agencies. Each client’s situation is unique, and we recommend a consultation to discuss your particular situation, the likely process that will be used, and the costs involved. The path we will take to restore rights for a client depends on why the gun rights were lost in the first place. Sometimes, rights can be restored for a client by simply getting the right information to the state police or FBI. Other times, we may need to file a motion or petition with the state court, or send in a NICS appeal to the FBI, or request a pardon. If you have lost your gun rights or your record is WRONG, please contact us for a consultation, so we can help you exercise your right to keep and bear arms.