Medicaid – Proactive Asset Protection Planning

If you want to leave your assets to a nursing home, that’s your business. If you would like to protect your assets for your spouse and your loved ones, that’s OUR business! Proactive Planning is designed to allow our clients to qualify for Medicaid without losing most, if not all, of their resources. The main strategy is to utilize special planning techniques to make appropriate transfers at least five years before applying for institutional level of care benefits. Since none of us can predict the future, it’s very hard to judge when you or your spouse might need long term care or other Medicaid benefits.

The most common type of estate planning trusts (revocable living trusts) offer no protection against the costs of long-term care and nursing homes. Our Family Protection Trust does! Our Family Protection Trust is often the perfect solution to this important problem. If you would like to discuss proactive planning, please contact our office for a free consultation.