Business Planning in General

Our firm advises and represents companies and entrepreneurs with a broad range of business related services.  We advise our clients on business law, start-up assistance relating to the formation of an entity, the protection of a trademark or license agreement and assist with buying or selling a business.

For growing and mature businesses, we assist with employment issues, succession planning, corporate litigation, tax planning, and acquisitions. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure our clients make informed decisions, hearing from bankers, accountants, insurance professionals, and others.  We further protect our clients through employment, non-compete and confidentiality agreements.

No company can survive without an able owner, executive, or shareholder at the helm. In the event of a key member’s sudden death, illness, or retirement, businesses are often left scrambling to recover lost assets and find a replacement. Large corporations and small businesses alike can avoid a tumultuous transition by creating a succession plan with a knowledgeable attorney.

The specific services we provide to business owners are:

  • Risk Management
  • LLCs and S-Corp
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Employee Matters
  • Contracts
  • Non-Compete Agreements