Gun Trusts & NFA Assist

We help you assess your needs and determine the best way to protect your self and your NFA or non-NFA items.

How to Obtain a Gun Trust

You can purchase an Alex Kincaid Law Gun Trust online by clicking the "Get Started" button above and filling out the short questionnaire!  We prepare Idaho, Oregon & Florida gun trusts within 24 business hours.  Our gun trusts cost $500.00.

All of our Gun Trusts are complete incapacity and death plans that will keep your affairs out of the court system and allow you to legally share NFA firearms. Our trust package includes documents to appoint co-trustees and guide you through making the most of your Alex Kincaid Law Gun Trust.  Call now or click the button above to get started!

Worried about Rule 41F?

Read Alex Kincaid's article in the American Shooting Journal about the implications of Rule 41F and why gun trusts are still important tools for all gun owners.  Read the article by clicking The Inconvenience of Rule 41F.  Rule 41F also complicated NFA tax stamp applications with its new definition of the phrase "responsible person."  The NFA Division of the BATFE recently clarified the definition of "responsible person" as applied to trusts a second time since Rule 41F went into effect.  This most recent clarification occurred in July of 2019. Our current gun trusts incorporate updated language using the most recent NFA Division guidance.  Gun trusts, whether previously approved for an NFA transfer or not, signed prior to August 1, 2019, require an amendment to avoid a potential kickback or delay in processing an NFA application without listing multiple people as responsible persons on Form 23.  NOTE:  If your trust was signed prior to August 1, 2019, your trust is not defective; it will simply require that you list more people on Form 23 than if you choose to have your trust amended. You require a trust amendment ONLY if you have a pending NFA application or are filing a new one using our trust dated prior to August 1, 2019.  Prior approved applications are not affected.

Considering an NFA firearm? We provide more than a gun trust!

If you are considering acquiring or building an NFA firearm, you need to know the laws that pertain to these special firearms! Creating a gun trust is only one step in the process. When you purchase a gun trust from Alex Kincaid Law, we can also assist you with every step of the NFA firearm acquisition process. Alex Kincaid will give you expert legal advice on how to possess, transfer, and build your NFA firearms. Your gun trust flat fee includes a step-by-step checklist for acquiring an NFA firearm as well as a gun trust "owners manual" written in plain English.

What is a Gun Trust?

Owning guns is important to you. You store them safely. You use them safely. Let us help you own, share, and transfer them safely by creating a special trust that will protect your family and your firearms.

Are you a gun owner who:

  • Wants to ensure that you, your friends, and family lawfully possess and transfer your firearms during your lifetime?
  • Would like to create a private plan that completely avoids the court system for your firearms if you become incapacitated or die?
  • Wants your successors and heirs to understand your desires related to your firearms?
  • Wants to help your named people comply with firearms laws when they possess or transfer your firearms?
  • Would like to own firearms in more than one state?
  • Would like to ensure that neither you nor your loved ones commit an accidental felony?

If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, then a gun trust is for you.

Not all gun trusts are created equal. What's different about Alex Kincaid's Gun Trusts?

Our gun trusts are more than simple NFA form trusts.  An Alex Kincaid gun trust accomplishes everything a cheap NFA trust will accomplish, but our trusts also serve as your own customized, self-contained firearms plan that will protect your firearms and family upon your death or incapacity.

Free trusts, DIY trusts, online trusts, and any conventional living trust put you and your family at risk. Get a trust designed specifically for you and your guns.

Alex Kincaid's gun trusts safeguard you from the risks associated with owning, possessing, and transferring firearms to others such as your beneficiaries.  Our trusts protect your privacy, your property, your family, and your friends.

When you hire Alex Kincaid Law to create your gun trust, you are hiring Alexandria Kincaid to be your attorney—your RESOURCE for help with issues pertaining to your trust. For an additional fee, you may consult with Alex Kincaid directly to discuss the creation, benefits, and proper use of our Gun Trust.  We also provide you with the knowledge and documents to appoint additional trustees and a checklist for purchasing and transferring NFA firearms to your trust. Our goal is to give you the best gun trust planning available and to provide you with the ability to receive your NFA firearms in the most efficient and streamlined manner possible.  Additional benefits of a gun trust are that the trust should help you avoid probate, guardianship, and conservatorship proceedings.   If you lose capacity and are appointed a guardian or a conservator by the court, you will lose your gun rights.  We focus on helping our clients avoid this situation!

When you hire Alex Kincaid, you hire an attorney who will consult with you, draft a gun trust specific to your needs, and stand behind it.

How does it work?

Alex Kincaid's gun trusts are designed to help you avoid legal hassles now, hassles if you become disabled or die, and the likelihood of an "accidental felony" due to unlawful sharing, gifting, or selling a firearm.

You appoint trustees who are given power to administer the trust assets, and you also appoint the beneficiaries of the trust, all of which is detailed in your trust. You can design it for anyone, including yourself, and you can be the trustee and beneficiary too!

Why rely on the inefficient court system and default state laws to deal with your affairs the way the government sees fit when you can take matters into your own hands right now?

What is the "Accidental Felony"?

Local, state, and federal laws control firearms registration and possession and dictate the legal ways you can transfer firearms.

Our gun trusts help prevent unlawful possession and transfers and also help alert your friends and families of the many laws that apply to firearms.

Do I need more than just a gun trust?

One of the benefits of hiring Alex Kincaid Law to create your gun trust is that a gun trust is complimentary to our gun enthusiast clients when they retain us to create their trust based estate plans.  So if you are among many of our clients who would like to plan for your firearms, but you also know you should not put off your estate planning for your family any longer, then now is the perfect time to get it all done!

How can I get my gun trust?

Click the "Get My Gun Trust Now" button above!  We will email your gun trust to the email address you provide, usually within 24 hours.  If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss whether a gun trust is right for you, or to discuss your other estate planning options, click the link under Contact Us to make an appointment or call us at (866) 505-2773.

How do I use my Gun Trust to purchase NFA firearms?

Six Easy Steps to Getting an NFA Firearm (for example, a Suppressor)

  1. Buy trust online (we will email your trust to you, usually within 24 hours)
  2. Sign trust in front of a Notary
  3. Drive to gun shop or dealer and pay for a silencer or other NFA firearm
  4. Complete Form 4 (supplied by your dealer) and after July 13, 2016, submit supporting documents for all Responsible Persons listed on Form 23
  5. Write a check for $200 to BATFE (or $5 if you are buying an AOW)
  6. Gun Shop or Dealer will submit your paperwork

Once approved, the gun shop or dealer will let you know to come pick up your tax stamp and firearm.  We are happy to email a PDF copy of your gun trust to your dealer—processing time for Form 1 and Form 4 is faster with a gun trust.