Staying a Step Ahead of the Gun Trust Game: A Battle of Wits

I’ve begun to look at the Obama administration’s continued attempts at gun control as a battle of the wits.  And I’ll be darned if gun owners lose that game.  So, I propose we stop the “gun trust loophole” issue in its tracks.

We expect that the proposed new federal rule closing “the gun trust loophole” will pass. You can read about the proposed rule change in my prior blog, The So-Called Gun Trust Loophole.

The new rule will require that anyone deemed a “responsible party” of an entity (LLC, Corporation, Trust) owning a National Firearms Act (NFA) firearm (usually a suppressor, full auto, SBR or SBS) will need to submit a photograph, fingerprints, and obtain the signature of a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) before acquiring the firearm.  These are not currently requirements in the great State of Idaho.  Some CLEO’s in other states, however, use this opportunity to prevent residents of their states from obtaining NFA firearms.

We may not be able to stop the inconvenience of residents having to comply with federal law by obtaining the CLEO signature, being photographed and fingerprinted, but we can ensure that Idaho residents are not denied their right to own National Firearms Act firearms.  While Idaho law enforcement officials are generally amenable to CLEO signature requests, Idahoans can ensure that they need not fear a rogue CLEO who opposes the acquisition of NFA firearms and refuses or delays supplying the required signature.   Some other states currently have pro-Second Amendment laws that will not allow anti-gun CLEOs to institute their own political agenda by denying residents their right to keep and bear arms.

I have already drafted a bill that will require Chief Law Enforcement Officers in Idaho to sign an applicant’s paperwork to acquire NFA firearms as long as the person applying is not prohibited from possessing the firearms under state or federal law.   Even better, the Idaho Second Amendment Foundation as well as some Idaho legislators have already indicated they will support this bill.