Legislative Memorandum

Alexandria Kincaid has drafted pro-gun legislation which has been supported by the NRA.  In a given legislative session in Congress, more than 200 bills are pending that relate to firearms and ammunition. States like CA, NY, CT, IL, and MD, are constantly anti-gun laws affecting manufacturing, sales, and use of firearms and ammunition. When a manufacturer is ready to enter the political arena, Alex is there as an indispensable advocate.

One easy step with great impact is the “legislative briefing memorandum.” A document written to support or oppose a pending bill or existing law, the legislative briefing memorandum is written for the manufacturer to educate the legislator as to the impact upon manufacturing, jobs, customers, and the local economy. It can also include proposed statutory language, research, and industry reports and trends.

The legislative briefing memorandum can also be used as one piece in a broader advocacy plan that can include outreach to legislators and staff and legislative and agency testimony.

Grassroots campaigns can also be designed for employee involvement from voter registration drives, to candidate floor walks, to lobbying day action, to letter writing and phone banking.