Alex Kincaid: The Lawyer and the Teacher (in Recoil Magazine)

You Can Defend Yourself, But Who Will Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself? Enter Former Trial Lawyer and Private Practice Owner Alex Kincaid, a Second Amendment Proponent and the Author of a New Book Designed to Help Firearms Owners Educate Themselves to Become the Answer to that Question.

Whoever said “experience is the best teacher” clearly hasn’t met Alex Kincaid. She is a trial lawyer, with nearly two decades of experience. She is a frequently requested public speaker, and legal analyst for radio and television having appeared on Fox News. She is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, primarily because first and foremost, she’s a firearms owner. The combination of the last two give way to Alex’s latest title, published author, as she has recently completed an incredible book called Infringed.