Alexandria Chris Streich named Partner with Northwest Gun Law Group

Alexandria Chris Streich named Partner with Northwest Gun Law Group
Posted on February 15, 2013 by Alexandria Kincaid • Uncategorized
Meet our attorney Alexandria Streich… a very nice person you DO NOT WANT TO CROSS.  You want her on YOUR side!

Alex  is a highly competent planning attorney licensed in Idaho and Oregon.  She knows gun law first hand, as she was an elected State Prosecutor in Oregon.

Alexandria was one of the first GunDocx® Lawyers in the United States, having attended the first CLE conducted January 2012 in Bellevue, WA.  She is a lead instructor in NW Gun Law Group’s FIRST DEFENDER™ program.

Attorney Alex became excited about gun trust planning because she sees it as a natural adjunct to her asset protection and estate planning practice.  She knew that this would set her apart, and that her depth of knowledge will prove acutely useful.  We suspect that the red dress serves as “attorney camo” and will stand out better than ACU in a conference room or at the Courthouse.

Alex has a deep commitment to help clients accomplish their goals… not just with legal tools, but with an understanding of core values.  She believes that a firearms legacy practice connects her to clients that are easy to like and respect.  You see, she shares their values and they hers.

Let Alex and our team in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho help you take care of the things that matter most. 

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